Maya Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys & Commands Guide | Autodesk.

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Maya Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys & Commands Guide | Autodesk.

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Select Tool, or with left mouse button for Polygon marking menu. Select Tool, or with left mouse button for Selection Mask marking menu.

Move Tool, or with left mouse button for Move Tool marking menu. Rotate Tool, or with left mouse button for Rotate Tool marking menu. Scale Tool, or with left mouse button for Scale Tool marking menu. Show universal manipula t or tool. Selects the last used tool that is not one of Select, Move, Rotate, or Scale. It is easy to get started. Download a free day trial and try it out. Purchase options include flexible subscription terms to fit your needs.

Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. All rights reserved. Autodesk Maya Keyboard Shortcuts. Countdown days:. Promo Data: Multi-year FY Maya shows the architecture of a node graph. Each node has its own characteristics and customization, and the Scene element is node-based.

The graphic depiction of a picture is therefore completely focused on a network of interconnecting nodes, depending on the data of each other. A dependence and a directed acyclic graph are available for ease of watching these networks. This has been a guide to the Maya Shortcuts. Here we discuss some of the different types of Maya shortcuts keys. All rights reserved. Worldwide Sites You have been detected as being from.

Autodesk Maya Keyboard Shortcuts. Jump to a section. Subscribe now. Try it now. One-key shortcuts. Shortcut commands by category. Switches between the standard view and a full-screen view. Virtual Time Slider mode press and hold and scrub timeline. Switches between A ttribute Editor or Channel Box. Switch between the active window in multi-pane display and single pane display. Switch between the standard view and full-screen view of the current panels.

Switch between a gradient, black, dark gray, or light gray background color. Show I solate Select – View Selected.


Maya Shortcut Keys | A Quick Glance of Shortcut keys for Maya

Ctrl + Spacebar. Full-screen display of the view under the mouse pointer. This works the same way as Shift + Spacebar for zoom-in view, but it also hides UI elements such as the Status Line, Shelf, Time Slider, and so on. Press Ctrl + Spacebar . Adjust brush size from 0. B + MMB-drag left/right or Ctrl + MMB-drag left/right. B + MMB-drag left/right or Ctrl + MMB-drag left/right. The tool cursor resizes larger and smaller as you drag. Adjust brush strength. M + drag or MMB-drag up/down. M + drag or MMB-drag up/down. Ctrl. P. Open the Color Chooser in a modal window. When opened using this hotkey rather than from a swatch, you can save colors to the Color History or use the Eyedropper to select or inspect colors on screen. You can also load, save, and edit palettes. However, you cannot set color attributes on scene objects.


Camera hotkeys | Maya | Autodesk Knowledge Network.90 AutoDesk Maya Shortcuts – AutoDesk Maya Shortcuts PDF

The keyboard shortcuts are certain combinations of keys that you press to run commands, open windows, and activate tools. In Maya LT Help, keyboard shortcuts are often referred to as hotkeys. You can create your own Maya LT hotkeys. See Customize Maya hotkeys. Download and Print Shortcut Keys and Command Reference Guides for your Favorite Autodesk Software Including Autocad, Maya, and Inventor. MAYA SHORTCUTS. MUDBOX. Mudbox hotkeys for sculpting, painting, transformation, display, menus and more. MUDBOX SHORTCUTS. SKETCHBOOK PRO. Note: Exposé hotkeys (F9, F10, F11, F12) may conflict with preset Maya hotkeys. If you experience this problem, you can change the Maya hotkeys, or change the Exposé hotkeys in the System Preferences panel of the computer running .


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